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Igbo Romatic Jewelry | Love Poems | OLA OBI | Compass FOR MEN Blue & Gold (Omekannaya)

OMEKANNAYA (Father’s Pride)


Omekannaya is loosely translated as ‘one who does like his father’. The dream of every African father is have a male child and not only have a male child, but one who imitates and exemplifies the good and extraordinary qualities of his father. The father is the child and the child is the father. The child becomes a replica of his father and a great companion. He takes up from his father and represents him well.


Omekannaya is sung by mothers in praise of their sons. Anyone who lives up to the standards (either in morals, academic, financial, or other accomplishments) of his father enjoys the tittle as ome ka nna ya. It depicts one who is honest, hardworking, trustworthy, intelligent, open to learning and encouragement, a helper, a philanthropist, brave, wise and eager improve.    

Igbo Romantic Jewelry
OLA OBI brand
This beautiful jewelry features a beautiful love poem written in Igbo (with English translation).
A great gift for the love of your life.

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