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Igbo Romatic Jewelry | Love Poems | OLA OBI | Rose Purple Card (Kpakpando M)



Kpakpando (Stars) manifest the celestial beauty. It is one of the ways in which God manifests to our world. The sun, moon and stars are always available in the sky for man. These sky entities order the events of our lives. Stars are of different types and have specific roles. A particular type is believed to direct the hunters in the forest. Stars are highly relevant in African tradition. Africans believe that their ancestors (especially dead heroes) appear and shine as stars in the sky and they derive joy watching the sky to see these stars. Shooting stars are also associated with good omens. They twinkle in the sky and serves as a guide to travelers. 


Kpakpando m as a pet name expresses one who is significant in the other’s life. It is used to address someone who is so beautiful (twinkles), a great contributor in one’s life, the joy of one’s life, a strong collaborator and a faithful guide. This name goes for anyone who shines brightly in the lives of others through their numerous contributions. 

Igbo Romantic Jewelry
OLA OBI brand
This beautiful jewelry features a beautiful love poem written in Igbo (with English translation).
A great gift for the love of your life.

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