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Igbo Romatic Jewelry | Love Poems | OLA OBI | Rose Pink Card (Akwaeke M)

AKWAEKE M (My Jewel/Python Egg)


The python symbol in Igbo cosmology is the daughter of the river goddess (Idemili). In some parts of Igbo land, the Python is sacred, loved, feared and worshipped. It is called Eke in Igbo and lives in harmony with the people. The python is a very sacred symbol in Igbo cosmology, because shrines are dedicated to its worship and it is forbidden to kill a python considering the grave conseqences. The pyhton is revered as royalty and feared for its skin patterning. Just like the python, its egg is highly revered. The python lays eggs and these eggs are difficult to come by (rare) and they look very beautiful and attractive (precious). It is impossibe to access the egg of a Sacred Python.

Akwaeke is name given to daughters to express that they are so precious and protected people. It is used to designate a loved one who is so close to one’s heart, beautiful, sparkling, tender, priceless, fragile and delicate, untouchable, to handled with ultra carefulness, a treasure and a rare gem that should be protected.

Igbo Romantic Jewelry
OLA OBI brand
This beautiful jewelry features a beautiful love poem written in Igbo (with English translation).
A great gift for the love of your life.

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